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Quinn and Belle

Chenille Patch Full Words


This listing is for the letters ONLY (no bags included. Separate listing). Full words will go with bags you choose from the bag listing. If you ordered multiple bags and multiple words, please note AT CHECKOUT which words are for which bags.

Only six letters fit on the bag if an “I” is included in the word like you below with “things” we made. Travel works as well! Makeup is very tight like "Snacks" but beauty seems to fit better. 

Snacks could work if you didn’t mind the letters literally being out on the edge but its NOT ideal the word snack still is cuter because it fits much better! 

Please note, bags will come fully assembled with the word for you. Words come with a various array of colors and are as is and cannot be customized.  Should you want super specific custom color letters or words, please use our custom letter listing. Full words in this listing are slightly discounted vs. custom letters.

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